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Dear Mike,

My first thing I what to tell you is. I love you more then you will ever know. When we first meet, it was like a dream. I never though it would turn out to be like this one day. We have had are fight and bad times. However, know matter what has happed you have been there with me though thick and thin. With kiss from that first time we did on are 3rd date. To helping me with are true joy in life are baby girl Carolann Maire Zeigler. Now being with me here standing hand and hand show everyone how we feel for other. I try so hard to make sure this is right and I know it is. So this is why I what to be with you for the rest of my life though. The pain and trails we will have I know we will have many to over come. However, we will come out on top know that you’re my true soul meet. I what to be there when you go thou anything that dill with your heart and any other sick’s you have. I remember the time that I worried about you when you were in jail for 2 days I was worried sick but I was not going to live you ever. That am glad you came out on top of that and did not get sick on me. In addition, when you got your first cold with me how I rube losen on your chest and how I made sure you drink many fulles. It was a scare time for me. However, you let me know that I was doing good for the fist time. In addition, how you smile and how your sky blue eyes would spark when I was around you.