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The following contains a little about Michael and I and somewhat of a diary explaining how we met and some of the major events in our relationship.

Our Story

Announcing the Wedding of Michael Zeigler & Penny Briggs

(The Wedding Vowels by Mike)

I met my future husband (Mike) on the internet. We were chatting in Yahoo, in a chat room. We chatted for about two weeks before we finally met each other. We decided to meet at Denny's restaurant, in Woodburn (I showed up late). He ordered a full meal, and I got a lemon aide, cheep date haha. I brought some photo albums, with baby pics. He just looked at them, and did not say much. I was wearing blue coveralls, with a long blue shirt. He was wearing, blue jeans, Nike shoes, and Baltimore fire shirt. From there we went are separate ways. We ended up chatting again in two days. We made another date. A week and half later, we went to dinner and air-hockey. We had fun, but Mike put his hand on my knee (when we got into the car). He apologized when I told him NO. We chatted again (on the net) after our date. We chatted two or three more times before we decide to go to the movies in Salem. We saw Enemy of the State, we kissed that night. After the movie, he asked me to be his girl, I said YES. Ever since then we have been really happy together !! Now we are having a baby girl, and getting married 3-4-2000. Michael

Our Wacky Wedding On Wed 3-1-00, we left to Reno, NV at 4PM. We arrived in Reno on 3-2-00 at 2 AM. Check into our hotel and slept until 630am. Took a walk through the casinos to a buffet breakfast. Then Penny’s mom gambled some. About 9:30AM Mike was feeling sicker. So we walked two ˝ blocks to the near hospital. Mike was admitted after two nights, Mike told the doctors he had to leave. The said they were not ready to release him. Mike checked out AMA. (Against Medical Advice). Mike and I went back to the hotel. We called Silver Bells Chapel. They picked us up in a Lemo. Took us to the court house, Then to the chapel During the wedding mike was able to read his wedding vowels to me, he cried during the reading. We exchanged tempany wedding rings. The Lemo took us back to the El Darado we saw a show called "the sprit of the dance". Excellent show. After the show, I bought a sweatshirt for ˝ price. We the walked around the gambled we played a electronic bingo game. Mike put in $10.00 and got back $40.00. I put in $30.00 and got back $26.00, but we had a good time. We the returned to our room and went to bed, but no sex L. We returned home on Sunday.

We will be have a full reception Ten year from when we aloped at Reno, but have it in WA state! On March 4, 2010

My Husband Song and Mine! "God must have spent a little more time on you" By 'N Sync

Penny as you take my hand in marriage, and go down the path of life with me. I want you to know ever since we had our first date (at Denny's). I felt something between us. Something that could not tear us aparart. I want to thank you for giving me so much joy and happiness, so many hopes and dreams. You have brighten every day we have been together. From the first time we kissed I have never been so happy. I feel this marriage will last forever. As you take this ring I am giving you, I want you to know it is a symbl of my love for you. A symble of the commitment I have for you. And a symble that will show everyone in the world you and I are together for ever. As I place this ring on your finger, I want you to know I love you, and will always love you, to death do us part.

Penny's Wedding Vowels