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Carolann baby book

The day my mommy and daddy learned the great news: On 3-12-1999 we bought a pregnecy test and it came out positive.

Our Reactions: mommy was "hiper and happy." daddy was "scarde and can not belive." how can that be daddy?
The first people my mommy and daddy told: my daddy told Kerri Lyn Beverly and mommy told my "godmother" Janicec Flick.

Kerri and Janicec reactions to hear about daddy and mommy being pregnancy: Kerri said "right on bud" was her first words Janiece was "speechless and asking questions to my mommy."

mommy and daddy attended: breast feeding class and nutitions class.

Mom life with me when I was in here tummy!

The 2nd Trimester!
Now I'm beginning to feel much better! The due date has been determined, November 14, 1999.
At this time we also had our 1st ultrasound, and found out it's a girl! We've decided to name her Carolann Maire Zeigler. Carolann is my Aunt's first name. There's so much going on now. I'm not craving anything out of the ordinary, at this point. However, I do crave green apple's, candy, and root beer. Everything's going well and I'm growing more and more. My weight gain is increasing. By the end of this trimester, I've gained about 25lbs. My overall health is excellent, although I could do without the backaches! I would say the best part of pregnancy is the 2nd trimester!

The 3rd Trimester!
It's all downhill from here, right? Actually, no, the longest months are these last ones! It's like a waiting game. My backaches are getting increasingly worse! My feet are swelling, no matter what I do. Who said pregnancy was fun? Don't worry, even after all the frustrations, I still would recommend pregnancy to anyone that can be pregnant. It's a wonderful experience. Carolann's moving around alot!!! She's an active one. We had our babyshower and got lots of wonderful gifts. I'm gaining an awful lot of weight, though. By the end of this trimester I've gained approx 45lbs! The doctor says it's ok, I'll just hate myself afterwards. The first trip to the hospital was in Oct. I thought my water had broke. After we arrived at the hospital, I was hooked up to the fetal monitor, and the Dr did an exam. He said he didn't see any water leeking, Now it's waiting time!

Labor and Delivery
Around 2:30am on 11-11-99 I started having contractions. At 4:30, my water broke, and I woke up my mom. About 6:00am I woke up Mike and we decided to go to the hospital. We arrived around 7:30am. I was hooked up to the monitor, and more of my water broke. At 09:00, they feed me a full breakfast. At 12:00 had a full lunch. At 1:15pm started the Pitocin, to help induce labor. At 2pm was 2-3 centimeters. 4:00pm 3-4 centimeters, and started the Epi. 5:00pm 4-5 centimeters. 7:00pm 5-6 centimeters. 9:10pm more Epi given. 10:10pm more Epi given. 10:21pm contractions were 2 minutes apart. 10:46pm 2nd antibiotic drug. 11:01pm 8 centimeters. 11:22pm more Epi. 11:27pm 1 ??nutes apart. On 11-12-99 at 0:32am 8-9 centimeters. 0:36am more Epi. 1:40am started pushing. 2:39am baby was crowning. 3:20am baby was born

Baby Carolann updates
I have made my grand entrence into this world. My mommy was great, she gave it her all. Grandma Patty, and daddy was there to help my mommy.

~*Baby Information*~
Carolann Marie Zeigler

Born: November 12, 1999
Time of birth: 3:20AM
Weight: 9lbs and 8oz
Length: 20 1/2 inch long
Hair color: Brown, Blond
Eye color: Blue
Assisted delivery: Shannon, RN
Hospital: Sunnyside Hospital
Godmother: Janiece Flick
Godfather: Edward, Mikes brother
Aunts: Cindy, De De
Uncles: Edward, Raymond
Cousins: Samatha, Lewis
Grandparents: Freddy, Patty, Carol, Lewis
Brothers: None at lest not this year!!!
Sisters: Sharon
Hobbies: Sleeping, Crying, and being loved by mommy and daddy.

My Favorite Things

Wanna know my favorite food? Which pet I like the most? This is the page where I let everyone know what my favorite things are.

Television Shows: Winnie the pooh bear in the big blue house
Toys: yellow duck little fish that her big sister give her
Foods: pea apples
Books: Goodnight, baby silly old bear songs
Pets: dogs
Songs: silly old bear songs