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Welcome to my little Girls site of the Bratz she owns! She will get more as time alones. She start get her first Bratz for her Birthday November of 2004 when she turned 5 year old.

This site was last update: Tuesday June 14, 2005

This photo was taken (12-25-2004) before I got a few more bratz and a cool bratz car for my doll's and me.

At this time April 21, 2005 she own 14 Bratz 3 boys and 11 girls (two are the same Bratz that Wild Life Safari Nevra!)

Here are ALL the Bratz Girlz in the order they were made:
Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, Jade, Meygan, Dana, Nevra, Fianna, Tianna, May Lin,
Kumi, Roxxi, Phoebe, Tess, Nona, Kianna, Felicia, Katia, Orianna, Valentina, Seirrina

Here are ALL the Bratz Boyz in the order they were made: Cameron, Dylan, Koby, Eitan, Cade, Bryce
And that'z the bratz that make up the Bratz World! lol :) that I know of from November of 2005!

Bratz Boy Wintertime Wonderland Collection Cade. Cade comes with 3 Cool tops, 2 Awesome pants, 2 Pair of boots, Winter Jacket, Scarf, Gloves, Comb, Boyzbag Backpack, Goggles, GPS System, Water Bottle and exclusive sports gear. It may be ice-cold but the Bratz boys are heatin things up with the coolest winter fashions. Cade brings his Turbo Sled & Helmet. Colours may vary. Age 6+

Bratz: Secret Date Dana & Dylan that what my little one end up with.

She love her thow!

She has this shoes and she love them.

Bratz Tokyo A Go Go - Remote Control Car 27MHz


My little one has the one that has the black and white cat.